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Deutz F1L511 Diesel Engine

DEUTZ Diesel Engine: DEUTZ F1L511, DEUTZ F2L511, DEUTZ F2L912 ,DEUTZ F3L912 ,DEUTZ F4L912 ,DEUTZ F6L912 ,DEUTZ F4L913 ,DEUTZ F6L913 ,DEUTZ FL413
  • Deutz F1L511



HAUHEN company main product: Deutz F1L511 Diesel Engine

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Deutz F1L511 Diesel Engine Deutz F1L511 Diesel Engine
Deutz F1L511 Diesel Engine - 1 Deutz F1L511 Diesel Engine - 2
Deutz F1L511 Diesel Engine Deutz F1L511 Diesel Engine
Deutz F1L511 Diesel Engine - 3 Deutz F1L511 Diesel Engine - 4

Product  Details

Model F1L511
Cylinder number 1 Cylinders
Chamber type Direct injection
Bore x stroke 100*105
15-Minute Output Rating, KW/HP
6.8 / 9.2 8.5 / 11.5 9.7 / 13.2 11.5 / 15.6 12.5 / 17 12.8 / 17.5
12-Hour Output Rating, KW/HP
5.7 / 7.7 7.3 / 9.9 8.2 / 11.1 9.7 / 13.2 10.5 / 14.3 10.9 / 14.8
 cooled type air cooled
Starting manner Electric
Net weight 110kg
Overall dimensionsL*W*H 437mm*530mm*671mm
Speed,R/MIN 1500 1800 2000 2500 2800 3000
Applicable Industries Generator set, agricultural irrigation pump
Warranty 1 year
Packing Paper and Carton
Certification ISO

(1)Small seize,light weight ,low fuel consumption,long service time,easy starting and convenient maintenance ect

(2)Wide application:engineering machineries, mining machineries, automobiles, agriculural equipments generating

equipments, medium and small ship ect.

(3)Fine adaptablity: reliable in dry,hot cold weather and in poor water quality condition as well as in highland area

and low pollution requested working environment


The B/FL511 912/913/C series air cooling diesel engine has the following


1. Good economical efficiency: This type of air cooling diesel engine adopts advanced technical index with the power per liter of 2123-26.20Ps/L, specific weight of 3.42-2.94kg/Ps, and the minimum pecific fuel consumption of 2 12g/kW.h( 156g/Ps h).

2. High reliability, long operating life: It has been found that air cooling diesel engine has lower abrasion loss than water cooling diesel engine. The abrasion loss of air cooling diesel engine is just 50% of that of water cooling diesel engine and the abrasion loss of piston rings in air cooling diesel engine is alse 0% of that in water cooling diesel engine

3. Strong adaptability: Air cooling diesel engine can be well started and work reliably even if the temperature is 40'C below zero, without freezing the cylinder block and without applying antifreeze solution

4. Easy maintenance: Without installing a set of parts same as that in a water cooling system, ai cooling diesel engine boasts of easy maintenance and lower maintenance fee.

5. Convenient to use: Air cooling diesel engine is free from the load of adding and discharging cooling water and avoiding the accidents of freezing the cylinder block, cylinder cover, radiator, etc


HAUHEN Workshop HAUHEN Workshop

HAUHEN Workshop HAUHEN Workshop

As a professional manufacturer and supplier in the field of Deutz, HAUHEN's products cover DEUTZ engines, DEUTZ generator sets, DEUTZ engine accessories, etc. HAUHEN has been committed to providing one-stop solutions for domestic and foreign customers. HAUHEN continues to develop in a highly competitive market with high quality products, competitive prices and professional services. Because we can fully understand and meet customer needs, we have established cooperation and business relationships with many foreign countries and regions.



Part Number (combination Part Number) : 2242071(SAE2)(027 0749) / 2242050(SAE3)(027 0748) / 2102308(SAE4)(027 0747)

Stop Mouth Aperture : Ф447.7H7 / Ф409.58H7 / Ф361.95H7

Stop Mouth width : 12

Flywheel Shell width : 122-0.3

Threaded Hole Distribution Round : Ф466.7±0.3 / Ф428.6±0.3 / Ф381±0.3

Bolt Quantity : 12×M10



Part Number(combination Part Number) : 2160698 / (0270395) / 2240165 / (0270403) / 2244250 / (0270396)

Connection Plate Hole (PHI) (ФA1)(ФA2) : Ф314.4H7 / Ф352.4H7 / Ф263.5H7 / Ф314.4H7 / Ф314.4H7 / Ф352.4H7

Threaded Hole Distribution Round (ФB1)(ФB2) : Ф295.3±0.3 / Ф333.4±0.3 / Ф244.5±0.3 / Ф295.3±0.3 / Ф295.3±0.3 / Ф333.4±0.3

Screw Hole Depth / Thread Length : 22/17.5

Bolt Quantity : 8×M10

From The Booy Joints Size (C1)(C2) : 67.8 / 82.3 / 59.8 / 67.8 / 67.8 / 82.3

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