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  • Oil filter - DEUTZ

    There are two types of oil filters: coarse filters and fine filters. The coarse filter is generally connected in series in the main oil circuit, and the pore size of the filter paper element is generally 15. The coarse filter adopts a spin-on type, and its safety valve and filter element are install   Read More>

  • Oil quality — DEUTZ

    According to the provisions of the American Petroleum Engineering Society (AP1), engine oil grade classificationWhen selecting oil according to the "API" classification, always select the highest level "API" level corresponding to the US standard or Deutz level. For example, for HDB, use CC level in   Read More>

  • Lubrication function and requirements

    1. Reduce friction. Lubricating oil can maintain a certain oil film under high temperature and high pressure. The oil film is formed by the action of additives, not the oil itself. Due to the presence of the oil film, the friction of the liquid is maintained during the operation of the machine, thus   Read More>

  • Oil pan - Deutz

    The oil pan is also a storage tank for lubricating oil. The amount of oil added is measured by the score of the oil dipstick. Generally, the oil level of the oil should be between the minimum and maximum scales of the oil dipstick. If the oil level is too high, when the engine is running, the rotati   Read More>

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