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Pump — Deutz eingine parts

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There is a settling cup on the oil pump. The function of the settling cup is mainly to protect the oil pump. There are also days without a settling cup. There are piston type and diaphragm type. The piston type is more commonly used. The fuel supply of the pump is always more than that required by the fuel injection pump. The excess fuel flows back to the tank through the oil return valve. Low-pressure oil b) The pressure of the intermediate stroke path is controlled by a circular oil valve, the general piston oil pump is 1.0-~1.25bar (lifting height is 1m); the diaphragm type is the lifting height of 0 m when transporting and sucking oil. To structure

If the fuel pump or a certain connection part of the oil inlet pipe leaks, it will cause pressure fluctuations in the low-pressure oil chamber, thereby making the engine unstable. When the engine output power is insufficient or the work is unstable, you can first measure the pressure of the low-pressure oil chamber of the fuel injection pump. If the diesel filter is clogged, the pressure of the fuel delivery valve's oil outlet valve will increase, which will cause the fuel delivery pump spring not to return to position, which will cause the camshaft to idle to pump oil. If the diesel filter is clogged with dirt, the stroke of the fuel pump will become shorter, resulting in insufficient oil, so it is important to clean and maintain the diesel filter on time.