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Oil replacement period - Deutz

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Oil replacement period - Deutz

The oil replacement period depends on three factors: fuel quality, oil quality, and engine operating environment conditions.

1. For specific requirements for oil replacement, please refer to the "F36L912/W" and "B/F6L913/C" air-cooled diesel engine manuals compiled by the factory.

The following is only an example to briefly explain, if the tractor is under general load operation, the oil replacement period can be changed at intervals of 250 hours, 500 hours, and 250 hours; and the low-pollution engine that operates on the mine can be operated at 125 hours, 250 hours, and 125 Change the lubricating oil at intervals of hours.

2. However, the above situation is carried out when the sulfur content of diesel is less than 0.5% by weight and the ambient temperature is greater than 10C. Otherwise, the lubricating oil replacement period should be properly shortened. Why does the sulfur content of diesel affect the lubricating oil replacement period? Once the diesel has high sulfur content, its combustion products will contain SO2 or SO3. The piston and piston ring under high pressure And the cylinder liner area, the gas dew point may exceed 100C. Therefore, at a relatively high temperature, corrosive sulfuric acid and sulfurous acid may condense on the cylinder wall, causing electrochemical corrosion of the mechanical parts, and the wear of the piston ring and cylinder liner increases sharply. Therefore, when the diesel sulfur content is high, in order to ensure good lubrication, the replacement period should be shortened.

Even if the engine is working properly, the oil will gradually age. When the engine is used in harsh conditions, such as long-term overload operation, the oil temperature will be too high and oxidation will occur, resulting in increased oxides;

Another example is when the engine is stopped and started, frequent starting, too light load, and low operating temperature will also deteriorate the engine oil and produce a large amount of deposits. The above conditions require timely and early replacement of lubricating oil when using it. If the technical condition of the engine is not good, such as diesel oil entering the lubricating oil, dust and dirt invade the engine oil, the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder liner is large, and the exhaust gas enters the crankcase. The engine oil is rapidly deteriorated and aging. If this situation is found, the engine should be repaired and restored to a normal state, and the lubricating oil should be replaced before it can be used.

It is also very important to choose the proper oil viscosity. Select the oil viscosity according to the ambient temperature.