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Oil quality — DEUTZ

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According to the provisions of the American Petroleum Engineering Society (AP1), engine oil grade classification

When selecting oil according to the "API" classification, always select the highest level "API" level corresponding to the US standard or Deutz level. For example, for HDB, use CC level instead of CB or CA level. For non-supercharged FL912 /913 diesel engine should use CC or CD grade lubricating oil, for boost B/FL913/C should use CD grade lubricating oil

To facilitate international technical exchanges and foreign trade. In 1983, referring to the American Petroleum Institute (AP1) standard, China divided diesel engine lubricating oil into three grades: CD, CC, and CA. Among them, CD grade had the best quality and CA grade had the worst. Two codenames, the first C character is a diesel engine with Chinese pinyin letters, and the second letter D, C, and A respectively represent the lubricant quality level.

However, to choose lubricating engine oil in use, it is not enough to consider only the quality standard, but also consider the viscosity.