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Deutz overview of gas distribution mechanism

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Deutz overview of gas distribution mechanism

The main task of the gas distribution mechanism is to ensure that the exhaust valve is opened and closed in a timely manner according to the needs of the working process. The intake and exhaust valves are made of heat-resistant alloy steel. The inlet and exhaust valves of the FL912W and FL912 models are identical. The intake and exhaust valves of the BFL913 and BFL913C are identical. The exhaust valve of the FL913 model is the same as that of the BFL913 / C model, but whether the intake valve is the same depends on the cylinder head and cannot be interchanged. The valve lifter is mushroom-shaped, its bottom surface is spherical, and the difference between the outermost edge of the spherical surface and the height of the spherical center is 0.002 ~ 0.008. The hardness of the end face is HRC56 ± 5; the pushrod is a hollow steel (or aluminum alloy) tube with steel joints at both ends. In order to reduce oil loss, the valve cover is installed on the intake and exhaust valve ducts, and its material is oil-resistant and temperature-resistant acrylic rubber.

Overview of gas distribution mechanism

1. Camshaft

2. Tappet

3. Pushrod

4. Valve adjusting nut

5. Valve adjustment screw

6. Oil supply adjustment screw

7. Valve rocker

8. Valve spring

9. Valve rotation mechanism

10. Valve

A. Valve clearance