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Cooling System - DEUTZ (1)

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Air-cooled engines use air as the cooling medium. When the air blows through the heat-dissipating surface at high speed, it brings out the heat of the machine parts. Therefore, the function of the cooling system is mainly to ensure that the engine works under the most suitable temperature state. To meet this requirement, the parts of the engine must not only provide a certain amount of air, but also be reasonably distributed, and must dissipate heat properly. Overall, the engine must not be overheated or too cold during normal operation. If it is overheated, the inflation coefficient will decrease, deflagration will occur, and the engine oil will deteriorate. The engine's power, economy, and reliability will deteriorate; if it is too cold, the engine will be rough, and the heat loss and friction loss will increase, so the engine's power , The economy and reliability will also deteriorate.