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The main reasons for the burning and melting of the fuel injector of Deutz accessories

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The main reasons for the burning and melting of the fuel injector of Deutz accessories

   The application field of Deutz automobile engine is more and more extensive, and its role is also very important. As we all know, the fuel injection pump is one of the important equipment of Deutz accessories, and sometimes it will burn out after being used for a period of time. The following is a brief analysis of the main reasons for the burning of the engine nozzle of Deutz to help you quickly solve the difficulties and ensure the normal operation of the engine of Deutz.


1. Long-term idle use: When the diesel engine is idling for a long time, due to the low temperature of the cylinder block and incomplete combustion of fuel, it is easy to form carbon deposits on the combustion chamber and fuel injection pump, making the working nature of the fuel injection pump worse. Especially in the cold winter climate. Because the engine has carbon deposits and the heat removal is relatively slow, it will cause blockage or oil leakage when it is obvious. When gasoline and diesel fuel are confined to the nozzle for a long time, part of the continuous high temperature will ignite the nozzle and thermal insulation jacket.

2. The fuel injection time is too late: if the injection advance angle is too small, the fuel pump time can be too late, and the ignition of gasoline and diesel will be poor. If it is not adjusted for a long time, part of the continuous high temperature will also cause the fuel injection pump and heat insulation sleeve to ignite.

3. The fuel is too dirty: the gasoline and diesel contain particles and sundries, which will damage the needle valve and the needle valve oil circuit board at the injection pump. In serious cases, the needle valve is stuck in the needle valve body. The needle valve is stuck at the rear, and the gasoline and diesel can not be injected into the combustion chamber timely, quantitatively and rapidly, which may cause oil leakage or oil pump.

   Conclusion: The fuel atomization is not good, the combustion speed decreases, and the ignition time at the fuel atomization nozzle becomes longer, which leads to the ignition of the fuel atomization nozzle and thermal insulation sleeve. When such common faults occur, the diesel engine will emit black smoke and chatter.

4. Unreasonable installation: if the heat insulation sleeve of the fuel injection pump is not cleaned during installation, there is a gap between the fuel injection pump head and the heat insulation sleeve, which makes air enter the gap, resulting in reduced heat insulation and heat dissipation effect, and the fuel injection pump and the heat insulation sleeve ignite. If the insulation sleeve is assembled too tightly, the nozzle will also generate additional ground stress. Under the combined action of thermal alternating load and high pressure load of oil pump, the nozzle head will break and the needle valve will be stuck and leak oil.

5. Wrong operation of Deutz accessories: if the engine of Deutz car lacks refrigerant during operation, the combustion chamber cooling is not good, resulting in high temperature, which is also the main reason for nozzle ignition.