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The Difference between Intercooler And Radiator:

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The Difference between Intercooler And Radiator:

1. Essential difference:

Intercooler is actually a supporting part of turbocharging. Its function is to reduce the temperature of high-temperature air after supercharging, reduce the heat load of the engine, increase the intake volume, and thus increase the power of the engine. For supercharged engines, intercooler is an important component of the supercharging system. Radiator is an important and basic component of hot water (or steam) heating system.

2. Different classification:

1). Intercooler is generally made of aluminum alloy. According to the different cooling media, common intercoolers can be divided into two types: air-cooled and water-cooled. Radiators are divided into radiation radiators and convection radiators according to the heat exchange method.

2). The convection heat dissipation of convection radiators accounts for almost 100%, and they are sometimes called "convection radiators"; compared with convection radiators, other radiators dissipate heat by convection and radiation at the same time, and are sometimes called "radiators".

3). According to the material, they are divided into cast iron radiators, steel radiators and radiators of other materials. Radiators made of other materials include radiators made of aluminum, copper, steel-aluminum composite, copper-aluminum composite, stainless steel-aluminum composite and enamel.