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Reasons Why The Diesel Engine Cannot Start-Second

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Reasons Why The Diesel Engine Cannot Start-Second

Fault phenomenon: When the Deutz diesel engine is started, the motor runs normally, but the air in the fuel pipeline cannot be removed, making the diesel engine unable to start.

Elimination process: In the diesel engine oil circuit, diesel is sucked out of the fuel tank, passes through the oil pipe, enters the diesel coarse filter, then to the oil transfer pump, then to the fine filter, and finally enters the oil chamber of the unit pump. First check whether the oil pipes and joints are broken or leaking, then check whether the coarse filter and fine filter are blocked, whether the sealing gasket is flat when replacing the filter, and whether there is any air leakage or oil leakage. After checking that there are no problems above, check the diesel fuel pump and pressure limiting valve. It was found that the fuel delivery pressure of the fuel delivery pump was insufficient. After replacing the fuel delivery pump and removing the air, the diesel engine returned to normal. (You can use an intravenous drip method to determine whether there is an oil leak in the low-pressure oil line or a problem with the oil transfer pump and high-pressure oil line)

Failure analysis: By disassembling the oil transfer pump, it was found that the valve seat of the pressure limiting valve body was eccentrically worn, resulting in a reduction in oil supply pressure and making the diesel engine unable to start.