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One of The Reasons Why DEUTZ Diesel Engine Cannot Start

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One of The Reasons Why DEUTZ Diesel Engine Cannot Start

One of the reasons why DEUTZ diesel engine cannot start

Fault phenomenon: Deutz diesel engine, when the power switch is turned on and the diesel engine is started, the diesel engine rotates slowly, is weak, and cannot start.

Troubleshooting process: (Carry out the following troubleshooting steps based on the above situation)

A. Whether the battery is fully charged, and whether the power connector is in poor contact or loose; B. Whether the oil transfer pump is damaged or stuck; C. Eliminate blockage caused by mechanical failure of the diesel engine; D. Check whether the oil line is blocked; E. After removing the starter motor and inspecting it, I found that the teeth of the gear were chipped and the speed was slow and unbalanced.

Based on the above situation, replace the starter motor and check the oil supply of the oil circuit. After removing the air, start the diesel engine and return to normal.

Failure analysis: Due to the operator starting the engine too many times and for too long, the bearings at both ends of the motor rotor were severely worn, causing an internal ground short circuit, resulting in a voltage drop, insufficient motor output power, and making the diesel engine unable to start.