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Hydraulic Switch Pressure Regulation

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Hydraulic Switch Pressure Regulation

1、 The basic principle of hydraulic switch pressure regulation

The pressure adjustment of hydraulic switches is achieved by adjusting the spring force on the valve core of the switch. When the pressure increases, the valve core is pressed into the spring, and adjusting the force of the spring can close the valve core. When the pressure decreases, the valve core is pushed out by the spring, and adjusting the force of the spring can open the valve core.

2、 The method of adjusting pressure with hydraulic switches

1. Understand the adjustment range

Before adjusting, we need to understand the pressure range of the hydraulic switch adjustment in order to determine the direction and strength of the adjustment. The method to understand the adjustment range is to remove the cover of the hydraulic switch and check the scale on the pressure adjustment screw.

2. Adjust pressure

Connect the hydraulic switch to the hydraulic pipeline to be controlled, apply pressure through the hydraulic pump, and rotate counterclockwise on the pressure adjustment screw on the cover to adjust the pressure to the desired range. If pressure needs to be increased, rotate the pressure adjustment screw clockwise.

3. Check the adjustment results

After the hydraulic switch adjustment is completed, it is necessary to check the adjustment results. Slowly reduce the pressure of the hydraulic pump and observe whether the hydraulic switch switches correctly within the required pressure range.

3、 Precautions for Hydraulic Switch Pressure Adjustment

Before adjusting the hydraulic switch pressure, it is necessary to close and lock the bypass regulating valve and manual bypass valve of the hydraulic pump to ensure the accuracy and precision of the switch pressure adjustment.

When adjusting the pressure of the hydraulic switch, it is necessary to slowly and gradually increase and decrease the pressure to avoid shock and overload phenomena.

When adjusting the pressure, it is necessary to check and adjust multiple times to ensure that the adjustment effect is correct and stable.

4. The adjustment of hydraulic switches needs to be operated by professional personnel and cannot be disassembled or repaired without authorization.

In summary, adjusting the pressure of hydraulic switches is a task that requires technical and experiential support. It is necessary to follow the correct operating procedures for adjustment, and pay attention to safety and details to ensure the normal and reliable operation of hydraulic switches.