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How Often Do Diesel Car Air Filters Need To Be Replaced?

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How Often Do Diesel Car Air Filters Need To Be Replaced?

The replacement cycle of diesel vehicle air filters usually depends on the vehicle's operating conditions and manufacturer's recommendations. Here are several different suggestions:

In general, it is recommended to replace the air filter after every 10000 to 20000 kilometers or 1 year of driving.

If the vehicle is driven on the highway for a long time, the replacement cycle can be appropriately extended to 30000 kilometers or even longer.

For off-road vehicles that frequently drive in rural areas, it may be necessary to replace them every two months.

It is more suitable for urban vehicles to replace the air filter once a year or 20000 kilometers.

In addition, regular cleaning of the air filter can effectively reduce the generation of throttle valve sludge. It should be noted that the specific replacement cycle of the air filter should be based on the vehicle's maintenance manual or manufacturer's recommendations.