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Do You Know The Engine Mounts?

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Do You Know The Engine Mounts?

Do you know the engine mounts?

The engine mount is referred to as a foot pad in automotive industry terminology. It is composed of rubber and hydraulic oil, and is a rubber buffer block that connects the engine to the frame. The upper part of the buffer block is connected to the engine, while the lower part of the frame relies on the middle rubber block to play a buffering and elastic role.

The function of engine mounts

Engine mounts generally have two supports, left and right, to support the engine together. During engine operation, there is a certain amount of vibration, and the rubber component on the engine mount can eliminate resonance generated during engine operation. The most important role of engine mounts is to support the engine, and secondly, to cushion the impact force brought by engine operation.

The reasons that affect the damage of the support

With prolonged work stress and driving habits, the rubber and hydraulic oil inside the support will age and leak oil.