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Diesel Engine Oil Consumption Is High

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Diesel Engine Oil Consumption Is High

Fault phenomenon: During the working process of the diesel engine, it is found that the oil consumption at a certain stage is increased than usual.

Failure analysis: Factors leading to high diesel engine oil consumption include: 1) high oil level; 2) low oil grade and incorrect viscosity; 3) oil leakage; 4) equipment tilted for a long time.

Troubleshooting methods: 1), adjust the oil amount to the oil level; 2), replace the engine oil according to the standard; 3), inspect each joint surface, oil pipe, and oil seal (replace if necessary); 4), reduce the tilting working time.

Related parameters: Deutz engine oil consumption rate: the maximum oil consumption rate of BF6M1013E and BF6M1013ECP is 97g/h and 110g/h.