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Deutz Engine System Troubleshooting Manual

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Deutz Engine System Troubleshooting Manual

During the after-sales service process of diesel engines, the following precautions must be taken. Doing these work well will be beneficial for your personal safety and timely and accurate judgment of problems:

1. Before carrying out any repair work on a diesel engine, first remove the wiring of the battery to prevent accidental starting;
2. If the diesel engine is in operation or the coolant is in a hot state, the diesel engine should be cooled first before slowly releasing the water cap to relieve the pressure of the cooling system;
3. Preservatives contain strong alkalis to prevent splashing into the eyes and should not be swallowed. If accidentally touching the skin, it should be cleaned promptly with soap or water;
4. Before starting to troubleshoot, it is important to carefully understand the details of the malfunction, such as the working conditions of the diesel engine before the malfunction - load conditions, altitude, ambient temperature, dust conditions, and road conditions (such as graders). The nature of the malfunction - whether it is gradually deteriorating or suddenly occurring, or intermittent, whether it occurred after changing fuel or oil, and so on. Fault symptoms - exhaust smoke color, coolant temperature and consumption, diesel engine noise, etc. Whether the coolant is contaminated, such as engine oil, rust, solidified sediment, etc. Is the engine oil contaminated, such as water, fuel, etc. Diesel engine vibration, etc.

5. Conduct rigorous and systematic analysis of faults;
6. Establish an organic connection between the symptoms of a malfunction and the diesel engine system and basic components;
7. Linking recent repairs or repairs to current malfunctions;
8. Double the inspection before starting to dismantle and inspect the diesel engine;
9. Troubleshooting starts with the easiest and most obvious problem;
10. Identify the cause of the malfunction and carry out thorough repairs;