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Brief introduction of supercharged diesel engine structure

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In order to further increase the power of the FL913 diesel engine, an exhaust gas turbocharger is used.

The exhaust gas turbine of the supercharger is installed on the same shaft as the compressor. The exhaust gas turbine is driven by the exhaust gas discharged by the engine and drives the compressor to compress the air sucked through the air filter, thereby increasing the density of the air entering the cylinder and increasing In order to increase the air intake, increase the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump accordingly, the output of the diesel engine can be increased. The power of the BFL913 diesel engine with a booster device is 23% higher than that of the FL913 diesel engine.

Due to the higher intake pressure and intake temperature of the supercharged diesel engine, the maximum burst pressure is greatly increased, which will deteriorate the stress of the engine parts. In order to reduce the mechanical load and thermal load, and to ensure the reliability of the engine, appropriate reduction of the engine's compression ratio is adopted. The compression ratio of the FL913 diesel engine is 17, while the pressure ratio of the BF6L913 and BF6L913C supercharged diesel engines is 15.5.

The temperature of the air compressed by the compressor increases, and the density decreases. If the compressed air is cooled before entering the cylinder, it can further reduce the heat load of the diesel engine, increase the intake air density, and thus increase the power of the diesel engine. A diesel engine using this intercooler (intercooler for short) is called an intercooled supercharged diesel engine. The use of intercooling boost can increase the power of FL913 diesel engine by 37%. The rated power of BF6L913C diesel engine has reached 131 kW (178 horsepower). BFL913 and BFL913C supercharged diesel engines adopt a variable pressure (pulse) supercharging system, and their exhaust pipes The cross-section is small, there must be no sudden expansion, and the exhaust of each cylinder cannot interfere with each other, causing eddy current loss, so the two exhaust cylinders that are on fire in the order of work cannot use the same exhaust pipe.

At present, the BF6L913 and BF6L913C diesel engines of the factory adopt the turbocharger produced by the German K·K·K company.

The supercharger has a simple structure, small appearance, light weight, reliable operation and high efficiency. Mainly use the following model supercharger

3LEP229A13.2 is suitable for speed <2300r/min

3LEP289A16.2 is suitable for speed ≥2301r/min

3LEP289A17.2 is suitable for speed 2650r/min (power 168HP)