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Features of FL912 / 913 series air-cooled diesel engine

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Features of FL912 / 913 series air-cooled diesel engine

FL912 / 913 series air-cooled diesel engine is a product with world advanced level, its main features are as follows

1. Economical

The technical performance index is advanced, the power is 21.23 ~ 26,20PS / L, the specific weight is 342 ~ 2.94kg / PS, and the minimum fuel consumption is 212g / kW · h (156g / PS · h). Because the air-cooled diesel engine does not need to be provided with a water cooling system, the water jacket cavity is not provided in the cylinder head and the cylinder body, and the water pump, radiator, thermostat and other components are not used, thereby simplifying the structure and reducing the manufacturing cost. For the FL912 diesel engine, the ratio of the cylinder core distance to the cylinder bore is 1.3, which is comparable to that of a water-cooled diesel engine. Because water-cooled diesel engines must be equipped with water pump radiators and water jackets on the cylinder block and cylinder head, overall, air-cooled diesel engines have shorter lengths and lower heights without radiators, and the width direction is basically the same. The weight should be reduced accordingly. For a gas-cooled diesel engine with a constant gas temperature, the higher the cylinder wall temperature, the less heat the diesel engine emits into the air, so the higher the thermal efficiency and the better the fuel economy. Generally, the temperature of the cylinder wall of the air-cooled diesel engine is tens of degrees higher than that of the water-cooled diesel engine, so its thermal efficiency is higher than that of the water-cooled diesel engine. Because the air-cooled diesel engine transmits less heat to the air, its cooling air volume needs only about 2/3 of the water-cooled diesel engine; coupled with the low fan power consumption, the fuel consumption of the air-cooled diesel engine also becomes low.

2. High reliability

Practice has proved that more than 25-30% of the failures of water-cooled diesel engines are caused by the cooling system. The air-cooled diesel engine does not have a water cooling system, so the number of failures is about 27% lower than that of a water-cooled diesel engine. The air-cooled engine will not produce any corrosion, cavitation, rust, and the disadvantages of causing scale accumulation in the cylinder block, cylinder head, and radiator.

3. long life

The normal service life of the engine is mainly determined by the wear of the friction set such as the piston group and the cylinder liner. And the liner and other important zeros

The amount of wear of the parts depends mainly on the length of the engine's operating time below the dew point. Due to the high temperature of the cylinder wall of the air-cooled engine and the rapid temperature rise, acid corrosion and wear are avoided to the greatest extent. Practice has proved that the amount of wear of air-cooled engines is smaller than that of water-cooled engines. For example, after working at the same time, the cylinder liner wear of Deutz water-cooled engines (Pe = 5.5kgf / cm2, Cm = 7m / s) is

0.3mm, and the air-cooled engine (Pe = 5.5kgf / cm2, Cm = 7.7m / s) cylinder wear is 0.15mm. It can be seen that the air-cooled engine has only 50% of the water-cooled engine wear. Air-cooled engine piston ring wear is also 50% of water-cooled engine. F6L912 was subjected to a 3000-frame strengthening test (calibrated at 100PS according to the Deutz 3000 test specification, calibrated at 2300r / min, the speed can reach 105% of the calibrated speed, and the load can reach 105% of the calibrated load), and the average wear of the cylinder inner diameter It is 0.005mm, the average wear of the piston outer diameter is 0.015mm; the average wear of the crankshaft main journal is 0.0043mm, the average wear of the connecting rod journal is 0.0045mm, the average wear of the main bearing bore of the cylinder block is 0.0051mm, and the connecting rod bearing The average wear of the hole is 0.006mm

Practice shows that air-cooled engine parts have less wear and long service life

4. Adaptable

The temperature difference between the radiator of the water-cooled diesel engine and the surrounding air is small because the temperature of the radiator is limited by the boiling point of the water (water tank cover with pressure valve, the water temperature can reach 110). The average cooling surface temperature of the cylinder head of the air-cooled diesel engine is 170C, which has a greater temperature difference from the surrounding air. Even in hot environments (air temperature up to 50 ° C), there is no danger of overheating and boiling like a water-cooled diesel engine

The air-cooled diesel engine can still start well and work reliably at minus 35C. There is no danger of freezing and cracking the body, and no antifreeze is required. Air-cooled diesel engines are not afraid of water shortage in arid desert areas. They are used in low-pressure areas of the plateau. They do not have the phenomenon of boiling water (boiling) like water-cooled diesel engines. They are also used in coastal saline and alkaline areas. Damaged by direct erosion of cooling water. In addition, the air-cooled diesel engine warms up fast and has good starting performance. It can reach the working temperature in 5-6 minutes and enter the load state, so it is very suitable for generator sets, fire trucks, ambulances. Power unit for vehicles and combat-ready vehicles. The noise level of air-cooled engines is basically the same as that of water-cooled engines. In order to reduce noise, the engine must be closed. Since the air-cooled engine requires about 1/3 less air than a water-cooled engine, it is easy to achieve the seal. In terms of exhaust gas purification, an emission test was performed on the F6L912 diesel engine in the Tianjin Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute. The test measured: CO is

4.47g / kW · h (3.29g / PS · h); NO2 is 12.07g / kW · h (8.88g / PS · h); HC is 2.42g / kW · h (1.78g / PS · h). These emission indicators meet the requirements of the quality indicators stipulated by the State on the "Comprehensive Evaluation Methods for Diesel Engine High-Quality Products". In the case of special requirements on emissions, a low-pollution vortex chamber diesel engine can be selected

5. Supporting a wide range

FL912 / 913 air-cooled diesel engine has direct injection model, low pollution vortex chamber type model and supercharged model. According to statistics from Deutz's ten supporting plants, there are 84 types of construction machinery, 23 types of automobiles, 15 types of combine harvesters, and 27 types of tractors installed with FL912 / 913 air-cooled diesel engines. The proportion of supporting various machinery is: construction machinery accounts for 19%, tractors and agricultural machinery account for

30% cars account for 17%, air compressor units account for 10%, generator units account for 7%, pump units account for 7%, warehouse units account for 4%, and the rest account for 6%.There are currently dozens of basic variants of the FL912913 air-cooled diesel engine produced by HAUHEN. They are matched with hundreds of manufacturers as power units and installed on engineering machinery, automobiles, mining machinery, generator sets, train power stations, armored vehicles, hovercrafts. .

6. Easy maintenance

The air-cooled diesel engine does not have a water cooling system, so the whole set of parts is easier to maintain and the maintenance cost is low. The diesel engine maintenance points are arranged in a centralized manner, easy to access, and easy to maintain. Because the air-cooled diesel engine uses a one-cylinder, one-head, block-type structure, it is easy to inspect and disassemble and replace when a local failure or damage occurs, such as no need to remove the oil bottom The shell can be removed to replace the cylinder liner, piston, and piston ring

7. Easy to use

In addition to the characteristics of air-cooled diesel engines, such as good maneuverability, short warm-up time, easy starting, and quick start, air-cooled diesel engines eliminate the burden of adding cooling water and releasing cooling water. Covers, radiators, etc. were damaged by frost. The air-cooled diesel engine has high reliability, few failures, and long life. Therefore, as long as the technical maintenance is performed normally, the diesel engine can work well and the operator can use it with confidence.