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Matters needing attention when using supercharged diesel engine

Views: 9     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-06-20      Origin: Site

Experience has shown that turbocharger damage is often caused by untimely oil supply, insufficient oil flow, or dirty oil. The air is not clean, and the intrusion of debris damages the compressor wheel and turbine. The following matters should be noted when using supercharged diesel fuel

1. Make sure the lubricating oil is clean, replace the oil regularly, and replace the oil filter (integral cassette).

2. Make sure the air intake is clean and maintain the air filter system regularly.

3. The crankshaft can be turned before starting to ensure a stable oil pressure and filled with oil lubrication system.

4. It can't be put into full-load operation immediately after starting, it should run at idle speed for about 5 minutes, and then load and run after the oil pressure rises to normal. If the acceleration is too early after starting, it is easy to damage the supercharger bearings.

5. When the weather is cold, the load cannot be increased suddenly. The diesel engine should be heated for a period of time before it can be put into use.

6. Pay attention to observe the oil pressure, oil temperature and running status during use. If there is any abnormal phenomenon, the cause should be found and solved.

7. After high-speed full-load operation, if there is no special circumstances, you should not stop immediately, and you should gradually reduce the speed to stop. Idle for about 5 minutes before stopping to prevent the supercharger bearing from lacking oil, overheating of the engine oil, and the turbocharger bearing and turbine impeller to bite.