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What Is The Reason For The High Fuel Consumption Of Deutz Accessories

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What Is The Reason For The High Fuel Consumption Of Deutz Accessories

     If you feel that the engine power is good when you drive safely, only the fuel consumption is slightly higher, which is mostly caused by the excessive adjustment of the fuel provided by the diesel pump (some of which are caused by the loosening of the oil set screw provided by the large pump). Some drivers feel that the more fuel adjustment they provide, the stronger the vehicle will be. In fact, this view is incorrect. The gasoline and diesel fuel injected into the cylinder must be mixed with a certain amount of gas absorbed by the automobile engine to obtain better ignition and complete more efficient heat transfer. Only the fuel injection is increased, but the intake in the air is limited by the engine structure and it is difficult to increase correspondingly, so the oxygen with combustion efficiency in the air must not be enough, and the gasoline and diesel can not be completely burned. In conclusion, many organic exhaust gases that are not fully burned are turned into thick smoke and are discharged out of the window through the exhaust pipe, which not only wastes gasoline and diesel, but also damages the natural environment.

     If the driver thinks that the engine power is not enough and the fuel consumption is still a little high, this is the same reason that the fuel consumption is high and helpless. It is also because of the inability to start and the degradation of climbing performance, when going uphill, it is necessary to shift down to drive at a speed less than the speed of economic development; It is also because the start is weak and the acceleration is extremely fast, the driver can hardly use the inertia of the car to save fuel as flexibly as possible, and has to step on the accelerator pedal frequently. So in order to save fuel, it is necessary to keep the car in good condition. If it is not good, it must be cleaned and maintained in time.

     In addition to the characteristics of the automobile engine, it is also very important whether the vehicle's walking equipment is excellent or not. In many processes of engine power transmission to the wheels, if the transmission efficiency is reduced due to which stage of severe wear or unreasonable change, the fuel consumption will increase. The way to distinguish whether the walking equipment is good or not is to check whether there is a problem with the medium speed or instantaneous speed of the car and whether the car can run enough under the premise of ensuring the safety and reliability of the braking system.