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Our company will strongly support and develop the online Canton Fair

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Our company strongly supports and develops the online Canton Fair, and will make good use of the opportunities and platforms provided by the country to provide more professional products for more customers. Today, our company held the first live broadcast of the Canton Fair in our warehouse. We showed our hot products to customers: Deutz912 and Deutz1013, including cylinder liner, piston, piston ring and piston pin.




The piston is a reciprocating part in the cylinder block of an automobile engine. The basic structure of the piston can be divided into top, head and skirt. The top of the piston is the main part of the combustion chamber, and its shape is related to the type of combustion chamber selected.

The piston pin is used to connect the piston and the connecting rod, and transmit the force borne by the piston to the connecting rod.

The piston ring is a metal ring embedded in the piston groove. The piston ring is divided into two types: compression ring and oil ring.

The cylinder liner is embedded in the cylinder barrel of the cylinder block and forms the combustion chamber together with the piston and cylinder head.


Cylinder liner


Piston ring




piston pin

We also showed customers the scene of product delivery and loading. Customers can see the workers busy in real time in the live broadcast of the Canton Fair platform.