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Common Noise of Ring Gear Support and Its Solution

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Common Noise of Ring Gear Support and Its Solution

① Control method of dust noise

There are dust and other foreign matters in the slewing branch, which will cause non periodic vibration. The so-called dust noise, whose vibration and noise are variable in size, may or may not exist.

Control method of dust noise: improve the cleaning method of slewing ring/rotary table bearing, and strictly clean the bearing, shaft, seat hole and matching parts before installation; Remove the foreign matters in the lubricant; Improve the sealing of bearings; Avoid using plastic cages with impure materials or embedded foreign matters.


② Control method of scar sound

If there are cracks, indentations or rust on the rolling surface of the slewing bearing shaft, periodic vibration and noise like riveted rivets will occur. The period may be fixed, but most of them have a certain corresponding relationship with the speed. The scars will occur continuously on the groove, and the scars will appear on the steel ball from time to time. Moreover, the noise will vary with the installation and lubrication conditions.

The control method of this kind of noise: Do not knock the bearing during installation, and prevent the bearing from tilting when installing the bearing and shaft into the bearing seat after assembly; Prevent bearing corrosion during storage and shock vibration during transportation; Use high viscosity grease.

③ Noise caused by lubrication factors and its countermeasures

Incorrect selection of lubricant, insufficient lubricant or aging hardening can cause vibration and noise of slewing ring/rotary table bearing, and such noise has no certain rule. In this case, only the proper lubricant is selected, the lubricant quantity is adjusted, the service life of the lubricant is extended and the replacement cycle is reasonably determined.

④ Noise related to main engine and its countermeasures

This noise is not only caused by the bearing, so it is invalid to find the cause only from the bearing. The main engine should be paid full attention to, and the performance of the main engine should be improved if necessary. This paper mainly describes the common buzzer and frame resonance sound in the motor.

Buzz of A motor and its countermeasures

The axial vibration of the motor shaft will cause a large high-frequency noise - buzzer. Its frequency is the same as the axial vibration frequency, which can be either constant or variable. The method to prevent buzzer is the same as that to prevent axial vibration.

B Bearing frame resonance sound and its countermeasures When the said outer ring mass causes the axial bending natural vibration of the bearing frame due to the axial natural vibration, a noise called resonance sound will be generated accordingly. The method of increasing preload can improve the axial natural frequency of the outer ring mass system, destroy the resonance condition and reduce the noise.